2024/2025 Tuition

Tuition Information

  • The SSCM Religious Education Program is seeking volunteers to serve as catechists, catechist aides, safety patrol, and attendance office help. Please contact the RE Office (630)257-9314 for details and requirements if interested. Tuition discount is available for staff.
  • Tuition payment is due in full at time of registration. Payments can be made by credit/debit card payment ONLY (PayPal).
  • Tuition assistance may be available for families in need. Supporting documentation will be necessary and an application through the FACTS system will be required. (*FACTS application processing fee applies.)
  • Please be advised that there is a $50 fee assessed for changing sessions once a registration has been submitted and processed.
  • *Lost book fee = $25
RETURNING FAMILIES – ACTIVE PARISHIONERPaid in full BEFORE 8/1/2024Paid in full AFTER 8/1/2024
1 Child$350$400
2 Children$530$580
3 Children$655$705
4 Children$745$795
RETURNING FAMILIES – NON-PARISHIONERPaid in full BEFORE 8/1/2024Paid in full AFTER 8/1/2024
1 Child$530$580
2 Children$710$760
3 Children$835$885
4 Children$925$975
1 Child$350$530
2 Children$530$710
3 Children$655$835
4 Children$745$925

Cyril & Methodius Religious Education Tuition Policy

The following policy will help define the supporting active / parishioner status at SS. Cyril & Methodius. 

Tuition is based on an active supporting parishioner status.  Tuition rates for active supporting parishioners are lower due to the parish’s subsidy to the religious education program.  The parish subsidy to the religious education program helps to defray the actual cost of tuition for each student.  As an active supporting parishioner, it is expected that you attend Mass and contribute to the parish by the use of your weekly envelopes.  The following guidelines will be used in assessing the parishioner status.

An analysis by the parish will determine if supporting parishioner status is maintained.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Parish reviews contributions from September through January
  • If no contributions, then in mid-February a notice will be sent to family explaining that they are now considered a non-active contributing family and will be charged a higher tuition rate for the current catechetical year. Non-parishioner payment will be due by May 1st, unless they begin to use their envelopes on a regular basis.
  • A family does not need to be registered members of our parish, however there is an additional fee applied to each year’s tuition for non-SSCM parishioners of $180.

By submitting your registration online, you accept the terms for SSCM 2024/25 tuition information.