3/7/2021 RE Bulletin

Dear Religious Education Students,

As we entered the 3rd Sunday of Lent we would like to share with you a Lenten Reflection written by Deacon – Neil Rogers. May his spiritual guidance enlighten us to find the true meaning of our 40-day journey.

How is my Lent going so far?  This is a wonderful question to ask ourselves, not just once but many times during our 40-day journey.  Lent is a time in which we try to unite ourselves more closely to our Lord Jesus Christ, to share the mystery of His passion and resurrection.  A time where we take a step back from the distractions of this world and focus on what God wants us to have.  So much more; His very Self.

Lent can be one of the most gracious and uplifting times of the year.  But for all the promises of the season, we can still be tempted to look at Lent as a time of gloom and sadness.  Perhaps we focus too much on what we give up, rather than on what God wants to give us.  Or we reflect on our own sins, more than on God’s mercy.  Or we are concerned about our need to change, rather than rejoicing in God’s overflowing grace. 

When we ask ourselves, “how is my Lent going so far?”, we should put this in context of what Jesus asks us to do; pray, fast, and give alms.  How can we do this?  First, when we take time for prayer this Lent, ask the Holy Spirit to show us how the beauty and majesty of the world we live in points to a loving, generous God.  Ask Him to open our hearts!  Second, if we decide to fast this Lent, fast to the degree that each of us can manage.  It might be giving up a favorite food, or it might be abstaining from our cell phones or social media.  Fasting can be difficult, but when we fast, we make room for God.  And finally, almsgiving – our time, talents, and treasures.  It is not just about money; it is about using the gifts God gives each of us to do something nice for others.  The more that we assist other people, the more we discover that we are made for God.   

            As our 40-day Lenten journey continues, I wish you a very blessed and holy season.  A time in which you grow closer to the Lord.  The Lord comes to us with a different Grace in each season.  May the Grace that God gives us during this season of Lent bring all great joy, happiness, and renewal. 

Deacon Neil